Current Wallet is version, released 8th February 2018

* Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Jessie) Installation Instructions

Open a Terminal Window and run the following commands:

wget https://github.com/unitusdev/unitus/releases/download/
sudo apt-get update
sudo dpkg -i unitus-
sudo apt-get -f install

Unitus Blockchain

bootstrap.dat, last updated August 29th, 2017.

Unitus-bootstrap-20170829.zip (541 MB)

Download - Torrent

Unitus-bootstrap-20170829.7z (462 MB)

Download - Torrent

Block height 1099279 / Uncompressed Size: 982 MB

bootstrap.dat checksums (included in .zip / .7z file):
MD5: 97149b943f4a53838b320e20ba0ce227 bootstrap.dat
SHA1: ca56d699f4348c975261f1960224a0b36876f4ae bootstrap.dat
SHA256: fd36fa221adfedf749cee8fe1027d6f8f669b6a82997c864a8ea5ab6d22b3d29 bootstrap.dat

How To Use

The bootstrap.dat file is used to speed up your initial setup of the Unitus wallet. The file contains all of the transaction data up to the date it was published, and saves your client from having to contact other nodes to sync this information.
After you have installed your wallet, but before you start it the first time, you need to go into the application data folder:
For Windows this will be 'C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Unitus' - Create this if it does not already exist.
For Linux this will be '~/.unitus' - Create this if it does not already exist.
Extract bootstrap.dat from the file you downloaded and place it into the application data folder.
Then start your wallet - it will import the transactions from the bootstrap.dat file into your local blockchain database (the wallet will have a status of 'Loading blocks from disk'). Once the wallet has completed this process, it will then download any remaining data from other nodes. At this time the bootstrap.dat file will be renamed to 'bootstrap.dat.old' and can be safely removed from your computer (you do not need to close the wallet to do this).


Below please find additional information regarding our currency


Unitus can be traded at the following crypto-currency exchanges:

Cryptopia (UIS/BTC)
NLexch (UIS/BTC)


Tools to help you research & understand the blockchain and markets

Unitus Block Explorer
Unitus Network Status
CoinGecko CoinFolio Mobile App


Have some skills that you'd like to put to use? We're always on the lookout for people with skills in coding, PR, marketing etc. If you think you have something to offer and would like to be involved, please join us on Slack and get started!